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Transformer Temperature Monitor
A Platform To Monitor
Transformer Asset Managment

NEW!  Direct Fiber Winding Temp
Bushing Dielectric Health
Moisture in Oil
Complete LTC Health
Loss of Life in Real-Time
Power Transformer Temperature Monitoring
A Complete Transformer Monitoring System
Transformer condition assessment
GIC Detection
GIC Detection & Mitigation
NEW!  Split Core Hall-Effect CT!
E-Mail Notifications
Built-In Annunciator
Ethernet Communications
Harmonic Analysis
Data Concentrator
Browser-Based GUI
Flexible QuickMath Logic

LTC condition monitor
A Cost Effective & Reliable
Electronic Transformer Monitor
transformer condition monitoring

Liquid & Winding Temperature
Comprehensive LTC
Condition Based Assessment
Consolidate Alarms (Mini-RTU)
SCADA Communications
Load Based Pre-Cooling
High-Precision RTDs
Simple to Configure & Install
Highly Cost Effective
Lifetime Warranty
No Calibration Required, Ever.

Transformer Monitoring System

ECLIPSE is a fully featured transformer condition monitoring platform. At its core, ECLIPSE has all the features you expect from a transformer temperure monitoring system, including liquid & winding temperatures, load currents, fan/pump loads, LTC tap position, and external transformer monitoring alarms.

In addition, ECLIPSE integrates with other IEDs to create a complete transformer monitoring system for dissolved gasses, direct fiber winding temperatures, bushing dielectric strength, moisture in oil and more! 

ECLIPSE is backed by a lifetime warranty and exceptional customer support.

Click here to learn more about the ECLIPSE Transformer Monitoring Platform and how it can be used at the core of your next transformer condition monitoring system.

Transformer Monitor

The TTC-1000 Electronic Temperature Monitor (ETM) provides complete transformer temperature monitoring and cooling control at a low cost.  On top of that, the TTC-1000 Transformer Monitor gives you a window into the health of your LTC by monitoring LTC Differential temperature and tap position, redefining the list of necessary monitoring features that we now expect ETM monitors to have.

The TTC-1000 can also monitor the health of your transformer cooling system, and provides several digital inputs for consolidating alarms to be communicated back to your SCADA system.

The TTC-1000 is a full featured transformer ETM that is simple to install, easy to configure, and very well suited for any new installation or existing transformer monitor retrofits/replacements.

Click here to learn more about the TTC-1000 Transformer Monitor.

Transformer condition monitoring