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ECLIPSE was designed to be a user friendly, intuitive, yet flexible transformer monitor.  In addition to all the built-in standard transformer monitoring functionality, ECLIPSE gives you a flexible tool-set to create your own custom monitoring functionality.  Use QuickMath to program ECLIPSE to calculate your current aging acceleration factor, so you know how quickly you are aging your transformer in real-time.

Consolidate your annunciator points directly into ECLIPSE using the built-in 48 point annunciator.  You can customize the annunciator point list to alarm for any internal or external binary trigger.  Alarms are time stamped and will blink the front panel LED until all alarms have been acknowledged.

Use the 3 high-speed auxiliary CTs to perform harmonic analysis.  You can detect GIC and alarm for it.  You can monitor for transformer overexcitation. You can then set custom set points for these quantities within ECLIPSE to generate alarms, and you can integrate those set points directly into output logic equations.

When commissioning or testing your transformer monitoring system, ECLIPSE gives you a handy tool called Test Mode.  Test Mode allows you to manually ramp specific analog quantities internally to test set points, logic and output operation. 

Instruction Manuals & Settings Configure Part Number Brochure