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- Liquid Temperature With Up to 4 RTDs
- Winding Hotspot Indicator
- LTC Differential
- GIC/GMD Detection & Mitigation
- Built-In Annunciator
- Real-Time Accumulated Loss-of-Life
- Ethernet SCADA Communications
- Automatic E-Mail Notifications
- Integrated Condition Based Assessment for LTCs
- A Visual “Window” for Transformer Health Analysis
- Programmable Function Buttons
- Analog and Digital Input Data Concentrator
- No Calibration Required, Ever.
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Download the ECLIPSE DFWT Datasheet
- No Calibration or Maintenance
- High Dielectric Strength
- Fired Phosphor Tipped Fiber
- Rated for use at 765kV
- Compatible with existing Phosphor tip fiber installs
- Up to eight fiber capable

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GIC/GMD Detection

ECLIPSE has the ability to detect geomagnetically induced current (GIC), or geomagnetic disturbances (GMD) by monitoring DC load through the transformer neutral. GIC/GMD Detection is accomplished using a proprietary split-core Hall-Effect sensor supplied by APT, which is mounted on the neutral of the transformer. APTs sealed split-core hall-effect sensor has a large 4 inch window that can accommodate up to a 4 inch rectangular bus bar, or multiple neutral conductors at the same time.

For more advanced GIC detection, you can also apply two high-speed CTs on the windings to monitor harmonic content. Using these two quantities, ECLIPSE can provide comprehensive and reliable GIC/GMD detection and valuable alarm information to your operators.

GIC/GMD Mitigation

ECLIPSE provides 3 levels of alarm to alert operators of the severity of GIC events: Minor, Major, & Critical. Each level is based on specific conditions that result in either degraded performance, or possible damage to the transformer. Armed with this real-time quantifiable data on the severity of GIC, operators can make intelligent decisions toward mitigating the harmful effects of GIC on the power system.


APT's Sealed Split-Core Hall Effect CT provides accurate GIC measurement on the transformer neutral.

Download The HECT Datasheet

3 Levels of GIC Alarm

Eclipse GIC Monitor

Transformer Loss of Life

The ECLIPSE transformer monitoring system has been designed to provide a visual “window” into the health of your transformers. Now with integrated logic timers and more available logic equations, ECLIPSE can perform real-time loss of life calculations, so that you have accurate, and quantifiable data to determine how much insulation life is left inside your transformer. Having this insulation life knowledge, you can choose how you want to operate your transformer in the future.

Real-Time Dynamic Loading

Armed with real-time data on how quickly you are ageing your transformer insulation, you can also configure ECLIPSE to give you real-time feedback for emergency dynamic overloading. You can program time-based overload alarms at various overload levels, with each level having its own time delay.

ECLIPSE Pre-Wired Cabinets

APT now offers pre-wired, custom enclosures for the ECLIPSE and other products. Custom is the new standard, meaning that APT has pre-engineered a wide variety of known configurations of cabinets to give you all the flexibility you need in a custom transformer monitoring cabinet. Make it as simple as a dedicated stand-alone GIC monitoring cabinet, or fill it in with other IEDs for a complete stand-alone monitoring package. Contact APT for more details on custom enclosures.

Instruction Manuals & Settings Configure Part Number Brochure