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ECLIPSE Transformer Monitoring Platform

Equipped with an expansive array of inputs and outputs, the ECLIPSE is truly a complete transformer monitoring platform.  Monitor transformer main tank, LTC Condition, and ambient air temperatures using up to 3 temperature probes.  Monitor calculated winding hot spot temperatures and/or monitor transformer loading using up to 12 auxiliary CTs.  Control cooling and signal alarm conditions using 8 form-C relay output contacts.  Utilize the 8 analog inputs to gather analog data from auxiliary transformer monitoring equipment such as moisture-in-oil monitors, dissolved gas monitors, bushing dielectric monitors, tap position indicators and more! 

ECLIPSE becomes the hub of you transformer monitoring system with up to 45 digital inputs, enabling ECLIPSE as a data concentrator for all the alarms around your transformer.  Communicate everything back to your SCADA system through DNP 3.0 or MODBUS RTU via fiber, RS-485 wired, or TCP/IP over Ethernet.  The Ethernet connection also allows you to "Be" in front of your transformer from anywhere using the built in web-server and web-browser based graphical user interface.  Remotely view the status and health of your transformer, change settings, acknowledge alarms and more, all with a standard web browser.

ECLIPSE is specifically designed to give you valuable condition based assessment data for your LTC.  Use our patented Dual-Algorithm LTC condition monitoring features to catch any potential LTC problems.  Monitor tap position to correlate LTC Differential temperature and LTC operational details on a per-tap basis.

In addition to the built-in 48-point annunciator, ECLIPSE gives you extensive historical data about the behavior of your transformer.  Equipped with fully configurable time stamped event and data logs, ECLIPSE captures and saves all the data you need to see from your transformer condition monitoring system.

Instruction Manuals & Settings Configure Part Number Brochure