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Load Pickup CoolingTM
For Power Transformer Pre-Cooling

Extend the Life of Your Transformer

Traditional cooling based on temperature alone results in an "Overshoot" of the winding temperature set point.  This results in unecessary heating and accelerated loss of life for your insulation.  With traditional cooling, it happens every time your winding hot-spot temperature reaches a set point.


APT's unique Load Pickup Cooling technology uses load current to determine when to start pre-cooling your transformer! Therefore, you avoid unecessary temperature "overshoot" and save transformer life.


Applications for Load Pickup Cooling

Load Pickup Cooling can be used on virtually every transformer. However, our patented pre-cooling technology is ideally suited for:

  • Windfarms
  • Industrial Loads
  • Transformers with wide load fluxuations


Easily Install for Load Pickup Cooling

Using one of APT's advanced transformer monitors, simply clamp our auxiliary split-core CT to your bushing CT secondary lead and wire it to your transformer monitor.

Aux CT

All of the functionality for Load Pickup Cooling is automatically included in all APT transformer monitors.

Easily Configure Load Pickup Cooling

Configuring Load Pickup Cooling is a breeze!
Simply set the following within your monitor:

  • CT Ratio
    • Monitor up to 3 Windings Independently!
  • Rated Load Current (each winding)
  • Load Pickup Set Points (pickup and dropout)
    • Up to 2 Set Point Levels per winding!
  • Load Pickup Timers
    • To ride through faults and switching events
  • Output Logic to fans

As soon as the load current exceeds the programmed threshold and stays there for the duration of your timer setting, cooling is activated.

Where to Find Load Pickup Cooling

Load Pickup Cooling is available exclusively in our industry leading transformer monitoring solutions:


Our Load Pickup Cooling technology guarantees that your transformer will run as cool as it ever has! In addition, all APT products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and exceptional customer support!

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Transformer Temperature
Traditional Cooling vs. Load Pickup Cooling

Load Pickup Cooling

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Extends Transformer Life
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 U.S. Patent 6,714,022

Simple to apply   ---  Easy to Set

Transformer winding hot spot temperature can take time to reach it's set point. In most cases, it is unnecessary to wait for the winding hot spot to reach such high temperatures. Using load current, APT temperature monitors can predict high winding hot spot temperatures before they become reality. Activating the cooling system as soon as load current exceeds user specified set points is a simple and reliable way to preventing winding hot spot temperature overshoot.

Instruction Manuals & Settings Configure Part Number Brochure