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TTC-1000 Transformer Temperature Monitor

The TTC-1000 is an advanced Transformer Temperature Monitor, specifically designed to provide intelligent, complete transformer monitoring and cooling control at an affordable price. The TTC-1000 monitors transformer temperature for Liquid Temperature, acts as your Winding Hot Spot Indicator on up to 3 windings. The TTC-1000 ETM also monitors LTC Differential temperatures and has the ability to monitor LTC Position, Load Current and Cooling System health. Armed with detailed temperature and load information about your transformer, the TTC-1000 becomes an indispensable predictive maintenence tool.   At a low cost, the TTC-1000 transformer temperature monitor is a cost effective way to collect detailed and accurate data from around your transformer to ensure that you know your most valuable assets are operating properly.

Instruction Manuals & Settings Configure Part Number Brochure