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App Note Number
Revision File Name
AN001 Use of the SEL-2890 for Telnet with TTC-1000 AN001Rev20110726.pdf
AN002 Use of Dymec 5844HRT-H with the TTC-1000 AN002Rev20110726.pdf
AN003 Surge Protection (Revised) AN003Rev20160601.pdf
AN004 Illustration of Settings for 1 Probe/1 CT Unit AN004Rev20110208.pdf
AN005 Illustration of settings for 2 probe/1 CT unit. LTC monitoring functions used AN005Rev20110309.pdf
AN006 Illustration of settings for 2 probe/No CT unit. LTC monitoring functions not used AN006Rev20110801.pdf
AN011 HyperTerminal Backscroll Buffer AN011Rev20110818.pdf
AN012 Optional additional CT inputs AN012RevB.pdf
AN013 Applying Sensorless Tap Position Monitoring™ AN013Rev20120720.pdf
AN014 Current Shunt for excess CT input AN014RevB.pdf
AN015 Using the TTC-1000 for On-Line LTC Condition Based Assessment AN015RevB.pdf
AN016 Illustration of Settings for a Large Autotransformer AN016Rev20110729.pdf
AN017 Upgrading Firmware on the TTC-1000 AN017Rev20110630.pdf
AN019 Illustration of settings for a 3 probe/3 CT unit with 6.3XX firmware AN019Rev20120806.pdf
AN020 Illustration of Settings for 1 Probe/1 CT Unit, 6.6XX Firmware AN020Rev20110309.pdf
AN021 Illustration of Settings for 2 Probe, 1 CT unit with 6.6XX Firmware AN021Rev20110818.pdf
AN022 Illustration of settings for 2 probe, No CT 6.6XX firmware AN022Rev20110818.pdf
AN023 Calculating Winding Hot Spot Rise over Top Oil AN023Rev20110818.pdf
AN024 Automatic LTC Voltage Control Using ECLIPSE AN024Rev20130315.pdf
AN025 Using Shunt Resistors Across ECLIPSE Analog Inputs AN025Rev20121120.pdf
AN027 Calculating Common Winding Current in Auto Transformers w Phase Shifting LTC AN027Rev20130402.pdf
AN028 Dynamic Loading AN028Rev20140730.pdf
AN029 Web Browser Interfacing with Web-Based GUI AN029Rev20161102PM.PDF