Introducing: Partial ECLIPSE

Our latest transformer temperature monitor and first step into the ECLIPSE product line, the Partial ECLIPSE includes a fully customizable NERC CIP-007-6 compliant security suite™, alarm reporting, access to internal web GUI via the front panel USB, ethernet & serial communication and much more.

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Introducing: Total ECLIPSE Plus

Advanced Power Technologies is pleased to now provide Total ECLIPSE Plus. The industry’s most advanced transformer monitoring platform is now even more capable!  Retain all functionality of our customer favorite Total ECLIPSE while gaining significantly increased I/O capacity with up to 15 modules! All while possessing our guaranteed lifetime warranty.

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Introducing: APT Term

Advanced Power Technologies’ terminal emulator software for:

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Found and Fixed:

OLTCs have long been known to be one of the most significant causes of Power Transformer failures. Advanced Power Technologies’ Patented online OLTC monitoring provides an alert with actionable information to reduce your time to repair.

Infrared temperature measurement in Celsius of power transformer

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Bushing Failures are the second leading cause of Power Transformer failures:

Advanced Power Technologies’ revolutionary online bushing monitoring solution. Measures C1 capacitance in real-time and detects abrupt changes of C1 that are consistent with an incipient bushing failure while being dielectrically isolated.

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Be prepared:

Advanced Power Technologies’ Total ECLIPSE monitor provides a non-hardware mitigation strategy that identifies when a vulnerable asset undergoes part-cycle core saturation and thermally models temperatures of key structural components during the GMD event.

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A simple and cost-effective retrofit solution for your aging Power Transformer fleet:

Advanced Power Technologies has a host of product solutions from our TTC-1000 product to our powerful ECLIPSE transformer monitoring platform so you can monitor your older transformers with confidence.

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Monitor with Confidence the biggest to the smallest power transformers in your fleet:

Advanced Power Technologies is a firm believer in providing state-of-the-art feature-rich technology at an affordable price and Lifetime Warranty.

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